Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to My Life

its my first post on this new blog. I've tried setting up blogs prior just to have somewhere to be able to vent and say whatever I want but it never really worked out cause I'd forget and never end up actually writing in past the first post...but, I've decided to try it again and I hoping that this time it'll stick.
i'm a college student in NYC. I'm from NY to begin with, but I love living in the city, it just feels different. I'm trying to have a normal college experience but I'm at a college far from your traditional campus-like one. There are days that I love that part of it and days where I wish I'd chosen a "normal" one. Regardless, I do love the school I'm in. What I'm trying to do now is balance my hectic work load with hopefully some sort of love life. Finding someone is easier said than done. It seems that the good ones are either taken or gay. I've done the whole random hook-up thing only to realize i'm not a random hook-up type of gal, ie: slut, or whore. Part of the problem is that I'm a bit shy and fearful of rejection. Its getting to a point where I starting to see that I have to take risks- so I'm gonna try to make a change. Let's see how it goes.